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REVIENT DU 15 AU 21 MAI 2023

  A major event in a prestigious setting

The Trophée Lagardère is part of the WTA, the major women's tennis circuit which includes more than 60 tournaments around the world. With more than 13,000 Members, this WTA tournament is part of the dynamics pursued for several years within Lagardère Paris Racing, whose strategy is based on the excellence of its facilities and a high-level service approach.


Since women's tennis has no longer had a dedicated event since 2014, Lagardère Paris Racing wishes to provide it with its support and its deep attachment.



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An exceptional historic site
to host an international tennis tournament

“Aware of the increase in the number of licensees, we want the Lagardère Trophy to be a strong lever for promoting tennis among young people by making it more accessible. »

Benjamin Boulanger

Director of the Lagardère Paris Racing

“I am very honored and extremely touched to see a women's tournament set up here. It's a strong symbol, because we really want to promote tennis in general and women's tennis in particular."

Stephanie Cohen-Aloro

Director of the Trophée Lagardère


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Join the Trophée Lagardère

Chemin de la Croix Catelan, 75016 Paris 

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